What is the North Shore Radio Association all about?

The North Shore Radio Association (formally the North Shore Repeater Association) is a non-profit Amateur Radio organization based on the north shores of Boston Massachusetts. Membership consists of approximately 125 people who share similar interests in electronics, radio, public service, computers and communications in general. The NSRA operates and maintains 4 ham radio voice repeaters and packet nodes that are open to all Licensed Amateurs.

The NSRA has been in existence since 1964, Original the club was based in Salem MA (that's why the witch in logo) and has members from many cities and towns on the North Shore as well as areas far away. Some of the local cities and towns are Danvers, Salem, Marblehead, Lynn, Beverly, Peabody, Saugus, and Swampscott. Some of the far away members are in Maine, Georgia, and Florida.

NSRA Repeaters

Repeater Status -- As of 07/11/2021

145.470 (-) PL 136.5 Danvers OPERATIONAL     On Split Antenna's  
146.880 (-) PL 118.8 Salem

OPERATIONAL - ANALOG/FUSION                                       

223.880 (-) PL 136.5 Danvers

BEING REPAIRED                                      

442.800 (+) Danvers - DMR
"Color Code 4"


53.850 (-) PL 71.9 Danvers OPERATIONAL                                       
927.750 (-) PL 131.8 Salem OPERATIONAL                                       
EchoIRLP #4427 on 145.47 R OPERATIONAL                                       
APRSIGate NS1RA-2 DAnvers OPERATIONAL                                       

*** Please direct any questions to:  tech at nsradio dot org.  Thanks! ***

The club's mailing address is:

North Shore Radio Association
PO BOX 3724

The NSRA Meetings

Our regular club meetings are held on the THIRD week of each month on Monday or Tuesday (Monday Holiday) (except July and August) at 7:30PM. The location of our meetings are NOW at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant Auditorium 201 Warren St Ext. in Peabody, Massachusetts (talk-in 145.470/R). The meetings usually include some program or entertainment. Some of the meeting programs we have had in the past include:

Meeting Photo's Coming Soon!!!

Download K1NUN - Eric Falkof's "QRP" Presentation  QRP.ppt
Download K2AJY - Gary's "IOTA" Presentation  IOTA.ppt

The NSRA meetings are open to all. Click here for Map & Directions

Amateur Radio Exam Sessions

Exams are being held on the fourth Saturday of each month, 12:00pm, at Danvers Central Fire Station.  E-mail our Exam Session Coordinator KB1LYJ at nsradio dot org for information (no links to prevent spam).

Danvers Central Fire Station
64 High Street
Danvers, MA

Reservations only!! NO WALK-INS.  Capacity is limited per session for social distancing.

*NEW* FCC Drops Morse Code testing for ALL Amateur License Classes!
Click here for more information

What to Bring to an Exam Session


NSRA's 2022-2023 Board of Directors
all email  Callsign @ nsradio.org

President: Richard Savage, KB1LYJ
Vice President: James Bradley, KB1JKJ
Secretary: Kathy Savage, KB1LPW
Treasurer: Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF
Director: Mark Caron, N1UGM
Membership: Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF, &
Kathy & Rick Savage, KB1LPW/LYJ - Badges
email memberships at nsradio.org
Club Trustee: Eric Austin, K1EEA
Committee: Chairperson Members
Audit: N1UGM N1UEC
Emergency Response Team Coordinators KB1KQW - North Shore DEC
All of the members
Entertainment: W1PAC & B.O.D.
Field Day Event: KA1NCF FD Committee
Membership: KA1NCF KB1LYJ, KB1LPW,  KB1KQW
Technical: NS1RA KA1NCF, N1UGM,  K1EEA, KB1KQW
VE Exams: KB1LYJ and the VE crew...
Webmasters: KA1NCF & KB1KQW
Sunday Night Net: WO1VES and the Net Control Operators
Many more to be added...