2018 National Hurricane Conference

Amateur Radio Presentations and Workshops
Hilton Orlando -- Orlando, FL
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

LIVE Stream provided by Jim Palmer - KB1KQW

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Presentation Schedule

Tuesday, March 27 -- 10:30-12:15 EDT*

   10:30: Opening Remarks
            5 Minutes - Presented by Rob Macedo - KD1CY
   10:35: Importance of Amateur Radio / Spotter Surface Reports
            30 Minutes - Presented by Acting NHC Director Ed Rappaport
   11:00: Canadian Hurricane Centre and Hurricane Meteorological Topics
            30 Minutes - Presented by Bob Robichaud-VE1MBR, Canadian Hurricane Centre
   11:35: Amateur Radio "Force of Fifty" Hurricane Response to the Carribean, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico
            40 Minutes - Presented by Mike Corey - K1IU Manager of   Emergency Preparedness and Response, ARRL HQ
   ---> NOTE: Speakers will be at Lunch from 12:15-13:30 EDT

Tuesday, March 27 -- 13:30-15:10 EDT*

   13:30: WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio Station at the NHC
            40 Minutes - Presented by Julio Ripoll - WD4R
   14:10: The Hurricane Watch Net, Personal Weather Stations, Backup Power, & Antenna Overview
            30 Minutes - Presented by Bobby Graves - KB5HAV
   14:40: The VoIP Hurricane Net and Best Practices in SKYWARN for Tropical Systems
            30 Minutes - Presented by Rob Macedo - KD1CY
   ---> NOTE: Speakers will be on a break from 15:10-15:30 EDT

Tuesday, March 27 -- 15:30-17:00 EDT*

   15:30: SATERN Presentation
           45 Minutes - Presented by Bill - WD8BZH
   16:15: Q&A Panel with Door Prizes
           45 Minutes - Presented by all members of the panel
    ---> NOTE: Sessions end at 17:00 EDT

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2018 National Hurricane Conference
Amateur Radio Speakers

• Special guest speaker Ed Rappaport, Acting Director, National Hurricane Center
• Special guest speaker Bob Robichaud, VE1MBR, Canadian Hurricane Center
• Julio Ripoll, WD4R, WX4NHC Assistant Amateur Radio Station Coordinator
• Mike Corey, KI1U, ARRL HQ Manager of Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, Hurricane Watch Net Manager
• Rob Macedo, KD1CY, Director of Operations, VoIP Hurricane Net / ARRL ARES Eastern MA Assistant SEC
• Bill Feist, WB8BZH, National SATERN Liaison
• Dennis Dura, K2DCD, VoIP Hurricane Net

Links of Interest

WX4NHC Amateur Radio Page www.wx4nhc.org
VoIP Hurricane Net: www.voipwx.net
Hurricane Watch Net: www.hwn.org
American Radio Relay League: www.arrl.org
ARRL Southeast Division: southeastern.arrl.org
National Hurricane Conference: www.hurricanemeeting.org
Southern New England SKYWARN: www.wx1box.org
Eastern MA ARES:  ares.ema.arrl.org
North Shore Radio Association: www.nsradio.org
KB1KQW'S ARES/SKYWARN Video Page: video.nsradio.org